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Christian Lou Vlogs
Christian Lou Vlogs

Few minutes ago i went to this cafe at the airport as it was only the ones that has seats, the other one is only a stall. I chose the table at the corner and put my things. I came to the counter and approached the male staff, he seemed like not noticing me or not interested on taking my order. I told him I want an iced mocha,he said they dont have so I said that it’s in the menu. He got mad and told me if i got a problem of him being not able to make it. I said no and went back to my seat, but he was still furious and kept banging things in the counter. I understand that he is maybe tired and exhausted as I also work on customer service, but his attitude is not appropriate specaily in the airport where most customers are from other countries. It will leave a bad impression on serbians. So i got my things and bought my drink on the other cafe.

  • 02-07-2022
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