About PlanPlus Magazine

PlanPlus magazine is a blog that covers popular and current topics in the areas of traffic, tourism, and small business. Our readers can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of long-time users of the PlanPlus business catalog and map, while the second group consists of random visitors who find us through highly ranked articles from our magazine on Google.

We are delighted when we have the opportunity to publish articles from our readers. So, if you also want to contribute to PlanPlus magazine as a guest writer, familiarize yourself with the basic rules outlined below.

What topics do we cover?

We write about everything that is represented on the map through lines, letters, symbols, or contours. In PlanPlus magazine, you will find first-hand tourist guides for the entire Serbia. You will read interesting stories about business ventures and have the opportunity to see certain spatial changes before they appear on other digital maps. And much more...

What articles do we not publish?

The selection of topics is indeed broad, but in order to maintain the quality of the published content, it is necessary to set certain limitations. The articles we do not publish are:

  • Texts that are not relevant in the context of the PlanPlus map and directory

  • Content that has already been previously published in print or digital form

  • Advertising and promotional texts

  • Content created solely for the purpose of SEO optimization or link building

  • Press releases

What articles are welcome?

Assuming they are thematically relevant to the context of PlanPlus, articles should be:

  • 100% authentic

  • Informative

  • Linguistically and grammatically correct

  • SEO optimized (not a requirement)

How to become a guest author?

If you are interested in becoming an author and agree to the stated conditions, please write to us via email.

Along with your full name, send a message in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain your idea for a guest article. Propose a title and provide links to any previously published articles that you have authored (prior experience is not a requirement).

The website's editorial team will respond to you within two business weeks at the latest. If the idea seems interesting, you will be asked to submit a draft/content of the article. If the proposed draft is acceptable, you will be requested to send the final version of the article within a few days.

The guest article will be published according to a pre-established publication schedule, and the author will be informed on the same day.

Before you start writing for PlanPlus magazine...

...please take a look at several articles to better understand the context, tone, structure, preferred writing style, and desirable topics.

Here are some examples we like:

Technical requirements for publishing guest articles:

  • Text length: 1000 words

  • Original text > 90%

  • Short and clear sentences, without unnecessary adjectives, adverbs, and jargon

  • Logical structure of titles and subtitles - coherence between paragraphs

  • Appropriate photographs/graphics accompanying the text, either original or public domain with a source link

  • The guest article should be submitted in the form of a Google document

Links in the text:

Links in the text are welcome if they are relevant to the article content, implemented naturally, and contribute to a better reader experience.

Linking to websites that infringe upon the rights of others, contain offensive, inappropriate, harmful, vulgar, pornographic, illegal content, or encourage any form of illegal activity is not allowed.

Linking to social media platforms, e-commerce websites, and pages that directly sell products or services is not allowed.

Links in the text are automatically marked as no-follow. In certain cases, one external follow link may be allowed in the text, subject to specific conditions agreed upon with the website's editorial team.

Important note:

In order to maintain the relevance of the magazine, we reserve the right to revise guest articles according to our editorial policy. This means that the website's editorial team may add, remove, or modify content, including text, graphics, and links, at any time.