PlanPlus JavaScript API

PlanPlus JavaScript API allows you to quickly and easily integrate the latest maps of Serbia into your web application and apply all its functionalities according to your desired specifications.


Display the precise location of a specific object or area on the map at the desired zoom level and with the boundaries set by you.


Display points of interest, label them, mark them, and describe them according to your preferences.


Search the entire map and all its contents, including the object database.

Shortest route

Display the shortest route to your destination or recommend the best route according to your opinion to your clients.

Map implementation is straightforward

Create a map using the following example.

// map instance
var map ='map',
        minZoom: 7,
        maxZoom: 19
    .setView([44.8170, 20.4627], 16)
// add PlanPlus layer

Create a test license with a single click to try out the service on your web application.

For more information about the PlanPlus JavaScript API service, please contact the Maps Development department.