Pharmacies Ušće


Pharmacies Ušće

Have you ever experienced a situation where you urgently needed a specific medication? Or perhaps you were looking for a pharmacy late at night and weren't sure which one was the on-duty pharmacy in your city? Do you need medication for anxiety, headache, depression, psoriasis, cough syrup or some ointment? Are you interested in the prices of medicines - such as Bensedin, Trodona, Klometol, Viagra and Cialis or perhaps which Lilly promotion is currently active? Our database contains a large number of pharmacies, with contact information, in every city in Serbia. Find and contact the nearest pharmacy and get the medications you need as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does a prescription medicine sometimes need to be paid for?
  • According to the Republic Health Insurance Fund, there are five lists of medicines. These are lists A, A1, B, C, and D. Medicines are most commonly issued from list A and A1, but there are differences between them. If a medicine is on list A, its price is covered by health insurance, and if patients are not exempt from paying the participation fee for some reason, then they are obliged to pay 50 dinars per box for participation. The doctor writes on the prescription whether there is a basis for exemption from participation. If patients have a prescribed medicine from list A1, then they may pay 10-90% of the price of the medicine...
  • What is the best pain relief medication?
  • A large number of painkillers can be purchased without a prior prescription. They are ranked according to their strength, duration of action, and the side effects they may cause. Paracetamol is usually recommended as it is the safest, but often it is not sufficient to relieve pain. Therefore, it is also advised to purchase ibuprofen, nimesulide, diclofenac, and others.
  • Can a patient buy antibiotics at a pharmacy?
  • Patients cannot buy antibiotics because there is no universal antibiotic that can help in every situation. Each one has its spectrum of action, so it is extremely important for the doctor to determine which antibiotic therapy should be used and when.
  • Can a patient buy medication for anxiety?
  • Sedatives belong to the group of drugs whose dispensing is particularly controlled. A doctor's certified prescription is necessary to purchase sedatives, and they cannot be bought without a prescription.
  • If the eyes are very red and sore, which eye drops should be purchased?
  • Firstly, it is important to make a diagnosis because it is not the same if it is an eye infection, redness caused by an allergy, or the possible presence of a foreign body. Corticosteroid or antibiotic preparations are often used in therapy and they are obtained by medical recommendation. If it is a milder inflammation, then drops containing natural components or drops with antiseptic action can be obtained without a prescription.
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